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Shri Ugersen Elawaadi
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Cardinal Fire Sign ruled by Mars. People born under this sign have following characteristics
  • Aries are outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic and like to be at the forefront.

  • Ariens have an adventurous, competitive spirit, loves challenges and often needing to prove themselves.

  • They are just as quick to forgive and forget.

  • In their choice of career, Ariens likes autonomy, they are leaders by nature and subordinate position doesn't suit them well.

  • Ariens are ideal for someone who seeks a strong partner to lean on. Although romantic and idealistic, Aries true nature is impatience.

  • Aries are faithful and loyal lovers, defensive of their partner.
A Fixed Earth Sign ruled by Venus
  • Taureans are well known for their practicality but being ruled by venus, they also possess a sensuality and love of pleasure.

  • They make faithful and enduring lovers, perhaps slow to demonstrate their feeling at first but passionate in the extreme, once those feelings have been aroused.

  • Material security is very important to these people, and they love to surround themselves with objects of luxury. They have tremendous reserves to keep them going when things get tough.

  • Taureans have a natural ability when it comes to handling money. They are well suited for a banking or financial career, having the propensity to make money for others as well as themselves.

  • They have a creative flair. Dance and music are natural to them, but they can be more successful when creating something like a sculpture or painting.
A Mutable Air Sign ruled by Mercury
  • Geminis are the king makers.

  • They are very intelligent, mostly CA's, Accountants and other finance matters.

  • They make amusing partners and friends. Friends of a Gemini will never be stuck for ideas on how to spend their free time; Gemini will always have a dozen suggestions ready.

  • They're charming optimistic individuals who liven up any gathering. They have the ability to see things from varying points of view.

  • They are the communicators of the zodiac and have no difficulty in expressing their feelings.

  • They can get their work executed by one way or the other.
A Cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon
  • They are very sensitive and intelligent.

  • They can make friends easily and win their favours.

  • They go well with their parties in all spheres.

  • They are moody and mood changes every fortnight.

  • They do not easily make enemy but in enemity if ever they try to finish it to last.

  • Kids are their priority in life.

  • They choose carriers as politicians, leaders, rulers, chef, textile designer, interior decorators i.e. in administrative position.
A Fixed Fire Sign ruled by The Sun
  • Itís a royal sign.

  • Leos are extremely proud and always try to create an aura of their personality to shine in society.

  • They love to be admired and appreciated.

  • They sometimes enter in to dispute with opposite sex.

  • They are generous at heart.

  • They like bossiness and help others to do the best.

  • They are open hearted steadfast and extremely loyal.

  • They neither deceive nor like to be deceived.

  • They are extremely sentimental and loving.

  • Leo's mostly go in for industry and beaurocracy.
A Mutable Earth Sign ruled by Mercury
  • They are very diplomat.

  • They can adjust with anybody as they are nice.

  • They are of high taste and have liking for financing, handicrafts and trading.

  • They make good lawyers.

  • They take decisions after fully considering both aspects.

  • They are emotional lovers, sincere and dependable and beauty is always their weakness.

  • They have youthful appearance and don't worry to get into premature aging.

A Cardinal Air Sign ruled by Venus
  • The need for balance and harmony is their prime motivation in life.

  • They are good arbitrators and try to bring both sides together and keep balanced judgment. They dislike taking side of one against other.

  • They are sensuous found of love, perfumes, luxuries, fine clothes and vehicles, but sometimes they lose their control in sex matters.

  • They are prone to diabetes.

  • They are prone to blood deformity and sex disease.

  • They are fond of travelling and good food.

  • They make good judges, lawyers, textile designers.
A Fixed Water Sign ruled by Pluto
  • This is a very nice planet and people are very straight forward if you are straight with them.

  • One can share secrets with Scorpions but scorpions do not part with their own knowledge and secrets easily.

  • They are very passionate.

  • They are good detectives.

  • They have excellent memory capable of retaining large amount of data.

  • They believe in occult sciences, birth, rebirth and incarnation theory.

  • They are full of energy and in profession they are good builders, doctors, electronic engineers and contractors and mostly prefer government jobs.

  • They never say anything to anybody but if somebody tries to insult them or play foul with them, they repay in a very strong way.
A Mutable Fire Sign ruled by Jupiter
  • Sagittarians are open and honest, highly principled and idealistic. The one thing they cannot bear is stagnation of any kind. They possess an adventurous and restless spirit, which refuses to be tied down, and if they cannot physically travel the world they will explore the realms of the mind with the same enthusiasm.

  • Sagittarians are great philosophers and teachers, open, honest and idealistic.

  • Their enthusiasm for life and living makes them very popular and they have wide and varied circle of friends. They need to be friends with their lover.

  • They are unafraid of risk taking and many opt to run their own businesses. Jupiter, the sign ruler, is the planet of good fortune, opportunity and expansion. Many Sagittarians seem to have a happy knack of being in the right place at the right time. They are also adaptable and able to have several tasks on the go at any one time. This sign is associated with sporting pursuits as well as more intellectual professions such as teaching and law.

  • There is also a link with religion and philosophy.

  • They are showering their love to their beloved with little gifts. They are noted for their generosity and love to make such gestures.
A Cardinal Earth Sign ruled by Saturn
  • Capricorns people are determined, capable and reliable people, There is another side to the Capricorn nature, which undoes this picture. At times Capricorns can suffer an overwhelming lack of confidence in themselves, and having started something with every intention of seeing it through in their inimitably competent manner, they become unsure of their abilities or feel that they're not going to live up to expectations. This is when they are their own worst enemies.

  • Their appearance masks an inherent shyness and self-consciousness. It takes time to get to know these people properly.

  • They are loyal and faithful to their friends, capable of maintaining friendships.

  • They find it more difficult than most to express their emotions, thinking that there is a risk involved in exposing the vulnerability of their feelings.Capricorns have inherent ambition, and will work tirelessly to get to the top of their chosen field.

  • They make all their decisions carefully and sensibly, weighing up the situation and happy to wait for their turn to come, as they put one foot after another further up the ladder.

  • They are found in all trades related construction, whether surveying, insuring, designing or actually building.

  • They are also quite happy to be totally responsible for a company.
A Fixed Air Sign ruled by Uranus
  • Aquarius is traditionally associated with humanity and the welfare of the masses.

  • They can be unpredictable and sometimes nigh on impossible to understand, but their nature is far from quirky.

  • Aquarians make wonderful friends, and they are always willing to help a friend, They have a large friendly circle than one or two intimate people

  • The Aquarian attitude to love and relationships is slightly more complex. They are perfectly capable of loving and their feelings are very genuine. They just have difficulty in explaining how they feel most of the time.

  • They tend to act more as their partner's best friend, looking for someone who will share in their diverse interests and allow them at least the mental space and freedom they need.

  • Aquarius has successful careers in the technological side of communications, electronics, and aviation.

  • They dislike being tied to a routine and may do well working outside in the fields of nature conservancy or in the community working for the benefit of their fellow man in some way.

  • They need to have a degree of autonomy in their working day, and the responsibility to make decisions without having to constantly defer to a superior.
A Mutable Water Sign ruled by Neptune
  • Pisces is the sign of un-worldliness, sensitivity and mystery. The mutable nature of Pisces is symbolized by the two fishes, each of them swimming in a different direction. This is the essence of the Piscean nature, to flow with whatever current comes along, they are adaptable and impressionable,

  • They are the natural psychics of the zodiac and are attracted to all things mystical and unworldly.

  • The Piscean is a very giving person, putting other's needs before their own to the point of self-sacrifice if need be, they feel a friend's problems as if they were their own, and often becoming emotionally involved themselves.

  • The disadvantage of such a willingness to always be on hand dispensing tea and sympathy etc. is that the Piscean may end up feeling a bit of a doormat and losing respect for themselves.

  • If they are losing self respect, they turn to some form of escapism; alcohol, drugs and the like are more easily lulled into this world than anyone else.

  • They tend to idealize their partner, sit them up on a pedestal and all but worship them. The eternal romantic, Pisceans only start to gain a realistic view of love after experience has taught them a bitter lesson

  • Pisceans are so variable and changeable that you never seem to be with the same person two days running.

  • They are artistic, creative and the dream world they inhabit so often provides them with a wealth of material to bring to careers in writing, music, acting, dancing and all artistic professions.