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The general slant of handwriting can be used to determine whether the person is emotional. Handwriting that stands up straight indicates that the writer is someone who controls her emotions, is egotistical and can be cold and neutral. Right-slanted writing (/) shows that the writer reacts strongly to emotional situations, is sympathetic and sociable. Left-slanted writing (\) indicates that the writer is introverted, indifferent and fears the future. These points, and all the others listed in this article should be taken in conjunction with each other to form the best inferences regarding the writer's personality.

Slant Left Writing

Slant Left Writing

Slant Right Writing


Use the depth of color and the impressions left on the back of the paper to determine how much pressure the person applied when writing the words. Driven and successful people put a lot of pressure on the paper when they write, but especially "heavy" writers can be uptight and respond badly to what they see as criticism. Empathetic people put little pressure on the page when they write, and are said to be sensitive to their surroundings. Uneven writing indicates a lack of vigor.

Pressure Writing

Word Spacing

The spaces people leave between words in their handwriting can show something about the writer's character. Think of spaces between words in writing a little like space between words in speech. A big space between words is supposed to indicate depth of thought, like the space represents pondering time. If some words have big spaces between them, it shows honesty and openness on the part of the writer. Small spaces between words indicate that the writer is emotionally unstable, wishes to be with others and may also be intrusive.

Small Space

Very Large Spaces


Graphologists also use the size of a person's handwriting to judge his character. Big handwriting, which is defined as any writing with the letters over the benchmark of around 1/3 of an inch, indicates that the writer is extroverted, confident and boastful. Conversely, small handwriting is thought to indicate a shy, academic and respectful writer. If a person's tall letters, such as "b," "d," "t," "l" and "h," reach high up, they are thought to be unrealistic in their idea of what they can accomplish.

Size Writing

Size Writing


Amitabh Bachans had too many ups and downs in his life. He will be active in his profession till last breath of his life. He is spiritually very strong, highly intelligent, intuitive as well as sensitive.
Narander Modi is most authoritarian, secretive, man of vision. He will be at the top of the world one day, even his enemy will not be able to defeat him. He is secretive in nature.
Ranbir Kapoor touch an presidents heights and will have very little time to tack rest in near future. He will maintain cool and rise in industry moral less til sixty plus.