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Shri Ugersen Elawaadi
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Our ancient Saints had learnt from their ancient times how the five elements i.e. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky work on human beings and their dwelling houses. They had also learnt how the solar energy and North-magnetic energy affect the destiny of people. Vaastu Shastra deals this matter while building houses and utilization of five basic elements available freely for the human beings on this Prithvi (Earth). This is a universally applicable science and we can see from our ancient time how people lived happily by living in such abodes.

This science deals with materials (Vaastu) like wood, cement, steel, bricks, mirrors, water fountain etc. which is ultimately known as Vaastu Samudaya or Vaastu. It is well known that earth spins around its North-South axis and is also tilted from the axis towards North. North-East Zone is having positive cosmic energy and is thus very important. But we are neglecting this energy in our present RCC construction with curved design on the ground and by missing one corner or other in every room in order to get the outside elevation of the building. As explained, the energy travels from North to South making Semi-spherical energy lines and keeping the middle portion (Brahma Sthal) with weak flow of energy. It is for these reasons that plot dimensions are suggested 1:11/2 size or a 1:2 size. As this can be seen if the length of the plot is more, the energy flow becomes Feeble on all the four sides. This can be proved by Einstein theory of relativity also.

We have studied in detail a large number of dwelling houses where Vaastu principles were not observed. The inmates were suffering either from financial losses, health problems, thefts, accidents, court litigation incurable diseases etc. In such houses, we have applied Preprogrammed and charged Pyramid as remedial measures. The exercise helped a lot and gave instant relief in most of the cases. The result is being obtained with the help of an admixture of solar energy, earth's magnetic energy, gravitational force and cosmos energy. Thus there is no involvement of caste, creed or religion in getting the benefits from Pyramid Power. This experience is also in line with the research made by our ancient Rishis on this subject.

Some people are having a feeling that Vaastu Works only marginally in one's life; but we strongly claim that every man is mainly guided by Disha orientation. In other words if the plot of an airplane takes wrong takes wrong Disha (direction) he will be landing in different town than the aimed city. Therefore the Disha of the dwelling house is more important to receive all the dasa benefits. Frequent workshops are needed to highlight the day to day mistakes found in building construction and the ways to correct them for receiving peace, prosperity and happiness.

We offer consultation for

  • Mall / Shopping Complex Consultancy
  • Corporate Vaastu Consultancy
  • Residential Vaastu Consultancy

Vastu at a Glance

North South East West North- East North-West South-East South-West Centre
Kitchen Bad O.K. Good O.K. Fatal Good Excellent Bad Fatal
Stair Bad V.Good Bad Good Fatal O.K. O.K. Excellent Fatal
Toilet O.K. Good Avoid V.Good Fatal Excellent O.K. Bad Fatal
Boring or Under Ground Tank V.Good V.Bad V.Good Bad Excellent Bad V.Bad Fatal Fatal
Temple Good Avoid V.Good O.K. Excellent O.K. O.K. Avoid O.K.
Over Head Tank Bad V.Good Bad V.Good V. Bad O.K. Avoid Excellent V. Bad
Master Bed Room O.K. V.Good Avoid Good Bad Avoid O.K. Excellent V. Bad
Kids Room Good Bad V.Good O.K. Excellent Avoid Avoid Bad Bad
Guest Room Good Bad O.K. O.K. Avoid Excellent Good V.Bad Bad
Living Room V.Good Avoid V.Good Good V.Good Excellent O.K. Avoid Good



Course: Duration: Days: Timing: Fee:
& Numerology
4 Months Saturday & Sunday 10:00-13:00 Rs.31,000
To regular classroom students. We provide study material, group discussion and practical training also.


Course: Duration: Fee:
Vaastu & Feng-Shui 2 Months Rs.15,000
Graphology 2 Months Rs.15,000
Numerology 2 Months Rs.15,000